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Casino games and gambling apps are in abundance! For this reason, we have come to the rescue and gladly present you with skill-based casino slot machines!


Our free casino game, allowing you to play Slots anywhere you are, offers a different take on the usual casino app! Exciting and new casino games are hard to find. We believe we have successfully provided the authentic experience of real casino games with our Skill Slots games, featuring a different and exciting variety of slots machines free!

You deserve to play the best free slots! Immerse yourself in our premium casino slots thanks to our amazing HD graphics! Enjoy a variety of choices! Our skill slots come in 2D, as well as 3D graphics! The illustrations are unique, specifically designed for a free slots game worthy of being in a Hollywood casino!

Game Features

Bonus game

3 or more symbols trigger a bonus game.

Scatter (free spins)

3 or more symbols trigger а Free Spin (10 free spin games – example). In some cases, different games might offer instant payout instead of the free spin feature.

The Scatter and Bonus features are considered a payline anywhere on the screen.


Wild symbols appear along with other symbols in the game. They serve as a substitute for all paying symbols – increasing your chance of winning. If a line constitutes only of wild symbols and the wild is not in the pay table, the highest possible winning amount is awarded.

How to play

What is a Bet?

A Bet is the multiplier to the credit/coin value. It provides you with more bet options.

What are Coins?

For each active line, 1 credit is being bet/wagered. It is a denomination on every credit. The number of coins available to wager.

Free Slots
How to Play Slots
Spin the reels

Once pressed, the reels start to spin.

Hold Individual Reels

You can press each individual reel to freeze it and find out the outcome, while the other reels are still in motion.

Spin button

The spin button spins the reels when clicked once and stops them when clicked a second time.

Turbo spin mode

The Turbo spin mode activates the fastest spin speed possible.

To activate the turbo spin, hold down the spin button or hold down the space bar. Turbo spin mode is active as long as you are still holding down the spacebar.

Max bet

The Max bet sets the coin value to the largest possible bet size available.

If possible, the pay lines are set to the possible maximum. If the lines aren’t locked and the number of lines currently selected is less than the maximum amount possible, then the maximum number of lines is selected.

Slots autoplay online

The Autoplay automatically plays the game for the number of rounds selected.

Auto play button

Players can make the game play without pressing the spin button each time. Choose the number of rounds to auto play by pressing the autoplay button.

Stop on free spins

Stops the autoplay function when you receive the free spins feature.

Stop on bonus

Stops the autoplay function when you receive the free bonus feature.

Loss limit

Set a limit to your losses. If you reach or exceed it, the autoplay stops.

Single win limit

If you exceed the particular win limit that is set in a single game, the autoplay stops.

Currently selected stake size

Shows you the stake that is currently selected.

Additional information

All lines pay on consecutive symbols starting from the most left reel. Pay line wins are multiplied by the stake per line value. Where multiple wins occur on multiple win lines, the total win values are summed.

The prize value from one payline is equal to the total stake divided by the number of paylines, multiplied by the symbol multiplier advertised in the paytable. Where multiple wins occur on multiple win lines, the total win values are summed. If more than one win occurs on the same payline, the largest win is paid.

If the game is interrupted during play, once the player opens the game again, the game will continue from the interrupted spin. If the game is interrupted during one of the game features – spins and bonus, the next time the game will resume from the last completed spin.
In the event of malfunction of the gaming hardware/software, all affected game bets and payouts are rendered void and all affected bets refunded.

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